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Thank you so much for endorsing Colehour's campaign!!


Below are previous endorsements from his last campaign:

Kona Coffee Farmers Association Board of Directors fully endorses Colehour Bondera with support for his capacity to support the interests of coffee farmers in the legislature.

— Kona Coffee Farmers Association

I am supporting Colehour Bondera for State Representative.  
Colehour has experience in community organizing, agricultural advocacy and also understands the needs of families in rural Kona and Kau. He has been an advocate for 100% Kona Coffee labeling and as an organic farmer, has insights on how to make our Island food secure. 
Colehour has raised two children in Kona who have gone on to be highly educated and successful in their careers. His insights can only help us with the challenges our education system will face during the pandemic.

— Arnold Rabin

This guy is the real deal. Good Man. — Peter Risley

Aloha Colehour,

Based on your commitment to defending the climate, we think you would make a very worthy Representative, and will be endorsing you to our 6,000 members. Thank you for your efforts.  Go win!

— 350 Hawaii

Aloha! I am proud to endorse Colehour Bondera for State House 5. His vision for our district is just what we need. He is a political outsider with some great common sense ideas. Food security and empowering local farmers is a great place to start. Creating new jobs and economy around food is one way to diversify our economy. He also sees the tough road ahead and is looking out for all our community members. Colehour is well educated, has an open mind and the ability to think outside the box. We need leaders like Colehour in the Hawaii State House... Let's do this! — Brock Stratton

I have known Colehour Bondera for many years, and he has been a dedicated supporter of the Hawaiian ideal of Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Āina I ka Pono. Everything he does, how he lives, what he personally supports, all work toward creating a better future for his ohana, the 'āina, and the world. I cannot think of a better person to represent us in these troubled times of corporate greed and malfeasance. He has my total support. — YENIKA SAYRS

I support my husband for State House 110%!! He’s done 20 years of Community Service for farmers and our local rural economy in District 5 while farming himself. He’s a natural strategist and willing to work hard with others for our pandemic recovery. — Melanie Bondera

Colehour Bondera has been actively working to better our community for decades. His advocacy for organic farming and the Kona Coffee industry shows a real commitment to Dist 5. This longtime commitment to improve our island makes Colehour the best possible representative.” — Russell Ruderman, State Senator D-2

Colehour exudes honesty and integrity and also has the intelligence, education, life experience, and work ethic that have made him a successful organic farmer and which will likely propel him to be the next Chair of Agriculture in the legislature.

— Richard Creagan, State House D-5

I support Colehour Bondera to help Hawaii achieve critical food sustainability and finally get a Truth in Labeling Law passed to protect the brand of Kona Coffee. I believe he will work to end the doctor shortage on the Big Island and hopefully find funding to fix the leaky sewer lines in Kona. Best of luck! — Debbie Hecht

These are uncertain and challenging times. District 5 is well known for it's family farms and agricultural products and we deserve someone representing us in the State House that understands our unique needs, challenges, and opportunities at this time in history. I have known and worked with Colehour over the past 20 years. His experience in policy making, running a complex farm business, ability to really listen and speak with community, innovative problem solving, and administrative skills qualify him to become one of the next leaders in the State Legislature. — Nancy Redfeather & Gerry Herbert

With so many important issues facing Hawai'i, now more than ever, we must send progressive community advocates to the legislature who are intelligent, hard-working, experienced experts in real food sustainability; this should be our number one concern.

Food security has been tossed around lightly for decades at the legislature but this year, the rubber meets the road.

The next couple of years for Hawai'i are going to be very challenging and that's why it's imperative that we send our best and brightest, coupled with the knowledge and real-life experience to see us through these difficult times with the vision, practical know-how to get things accomplished and keep Hawai'i fed. Let's turn our adversities into opportunities!


— Shannon Rudolph

I support Colehour because of his work with coffee, with farmers and with the farmers market, plus his desire to listen to and work with the community as a whole.

— Jean Kadooka

Colehour's sincerity, integrity and work ethic is what the district, count and state need during this challenging time.

— Cindy Evans, Former State Representative

I am honored to endorse Colehour Bondera as Representative for District 5. In the 19 years that I have known Colehour, he has worked tirelessly to support a thriving and healthy community and has, through his hard work and action, shown true leadership and dedication.

— Usha Kilpatrick

"I've known Colehour as a farmer who doesn't just talk about growing our local agricultural economy into food independence, but who has been working with his family, friends, members of the community, community leaders, and government leaders on the county, state, national, and international levels both as a farmer representative and as respected leader with an advanced education and life work experience that has taken him and his wife to far reaches of planet Earth. I am so excited we have an opportunity to send such an immensely qualified person to the state legislature to represent us and to work to find innovation solutions to diversify our economy, reduce income inequality, and save jobs while helping to provide living wages to all workers. . — Charles (Chuck) Flaherty

Now is the time for a Hawaii New Deal to cultivate a resilient economy appropriate for the rural nature of Kona and Ka'u. Colehour's daily living in our community, his presence at the weekly farmers market and his experience raising a family with Melanie on their organic farm for more than twenty years imbews him with an awareness of the challenges and barriers to success that we face. Colehour represents our lifestyle and has brought that expertise to our legislature as a champion of family farms and our regional brands that honor this special place. He sees solutions and knows how to advocate for them, how to collaborate and has the experience to effectively legislate. He will amplify our voice in Honolulu. Please join us in campaigning for Colehour Bondera. — Maureen & Tane Datta, Founders of Adaptations Farm & Food Hub

Our Revolution Hawaii is honored to endorse Colehour's candidacy for Representative to the Hawaii State Legislature.

— Our Revolution Hawaii

Supporting Colehour is a no brainer for farmers and producers in South Kona. He will look out for us in the legislature as he as with the organic standard movement. — Ken Love

I am endorsing Colehour Bondera District 5. 

When I consider a person to represent me and our district, I want an intelligent, educated, and ethical person who is willing to learn quickly and work hard and consistently for all of us for State Representative.

District 5 is a largely agricultural district with issues that require an agricultural background and an education which supports it. Being raised on a dairy farm gives Colehour perspective on livestock management as well as growing crops, such as coffee, cacao, avocado, and tropical fruits. 

We need someone to advocate for our bee industry since bees pollinate about 30% of our crops. We need to have a dairy that maintains healthy livestock and does not pollute our neighbors’ property or our water resources. We must work to develop and maintain healthy soil. 

With Master degrees in Agricultural Development (M.Sc) and Adult Education (M.Ed), Colehour is eminently qualified to represent our district. We need him.

— Brenda Ford, former County Council D-6

I support Colehour Bondera for State House District 5. Colehour is a progressive community advocate with decades of experience and expertise in food sustainability. Now more than ever, we need leaders like him in our State government. He will help us navigate a path through this crisis with vision and passion for a more resilient Hawaiʻi. — Rebecca Villegas, County Council D-7

I'm voting for Colehour Bondera because he will work hard to expand our economy beyond almost total dependence on tourism to one in which people living here are more important than rich corporations. He will help create well paying jobs in sustainable energy and agriculture. I appreciate his values and honesty in pursuing them. I look forward to having Colehour Bondera as my representative! — Linda Morgan

I am happy to know you are running for office. 
You have my full support. 
I believe in the work you are doing for Sustainable Hawaii! — Mayumi Oda

Friends of Colehour Bondera
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